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FLEX › ROOQUICK › #6 7 years ago
Merge pull request #1 from mteodori/master        spring-roo-1.1.5.RELEASE compatible version (version 525f8cecc20a5572a7efd884eecf08807c51f891)
Testless build
FLEX › ROOQUICK › #5 7 years ago
Completion of initial test cases and general cleanup.  ActionScript parser metadata subsystem should now be reasonably usable for code generation activities by the higher-level commands/operations.  A number of TODOs remain, but can wait until post-M1. (version d920714e714a8b6f549d8510b328a5555cd2c63d)
Initial cut at a fix for ROOFLEX-40 addressing Roo 1.1.1 compatibility.  Merging in pertinent changes from patch supplied by Thomas Fowler. (version 2c704a67cc8052c77901ba0eda5fd36077d8ea6f)
Giving a consistent name. (version 812d9ddcd0776c2673df6b071d12c67652cab4b6)
null (version 85d5a10671481a8b5bf13a0d99b68ed2af77d789)
Committing work in progress. (version b9306dd09eb559af3a0d8e9f45bb0dc49b448bb2)
Final substantial code changes before M1.    - Scaffolding added for OneToOne and ManyToOne relationships.  (ManyToMany will have to wait for M2) (version 4f38900599b43902b3014c89d76f96120c67a0fa)
Adding .gitignore with local dev env files. (version bcfa7b67de15f8f0b2d7728a01bc42230acfa844)
No longer needed. (version bebaa75032b55913f3716885ec59d93a8869815d)
Minor tweak to the generated scaffold - making sure the HTML wrapper has a non-empty <title> tag. (version 5f29205e5d1a6e88f9f73f052f8956b53552d671)
Additional changes for Roo 1.1.0.M3 compatability. ROOFLEX-19 (version 99c5988c3a8c137ba0a39a24dc886b7dc2b43bc6)
Correcting version in root pom.xml (version 9a6da1c872fcbf2318f011d1dd281ce1c001b9b8)
Editing svn:ignore (version f04165ae89e2aed6b57820667ae1da1b4d7dc681)
Updating for some minor Roo interface changes. (version 9036d46910398e6acbdb2c507b4e5cd21a035667)
null (version 1f300e8463b9136fa475cf3e22167bbacf2182e9)
null (version 5db7c9eeb3fb9b870dcd45cb3d2593e721a9487c)
Added a "flex remoting all" command for convenience. (version 0118da727e0414703f465ec39c08f0268daac32f)
Java->ActionScript code generation and update synchronization. (version 0702563180dad5d9b46fb2b9ae1047696d73d5e2)
Updated for compatability with Roo 1.1.0.M3 - ROOFLEX-19 (version ee2afc84f1a460eec95af9847ba75312e2184def)
Adding root pom.xml in preparation for creating a seperate snapshot build. (version 7951a16c42bc52abfc7cd11b2ea46f9749d0b2e8)
Doesn't need to be under source control. (version 93d7d36b296872e9b7f1147d7aeee95334bd5a3d)
Cleanup imports. (version 9685fd222aa6f81420c2c876084da7cdeb215b51)
One level too deep...correcting (version 7de0c1e96cf810f19ac38681c2ccd776c1fe956f)
Work in progress...initial scaffolding of mxml views nearing completion. (version 42da71447072e6f8f0b3400b128254ecd1794f9e)
null (version f924b60a88a033cb782fb5ab49ac8dc2545e31f4)
Work in progress. (version 6b3f95abc6f0bcbab6fd806e83be0eb478a90553)
ActionScript->Java code generation and update synchronization. (version dbdb04c66db2f691f9cae727f5d257c29d8f4b9a)
Adding Spring Maven External repository to pom when "flex setup" is run. (version 67ccf00b9889d42f7f99a36f33e961b8ce91f813)
null (version 77ee0fa6a1322e12d4007d291f73239cbfdc9a69)
Doc cleanup in preparation for 1.5.0.RELEASE (version a8cf38866b312fd5bfe440c0b035de7e5028a436)
- Added generation of Maven and Flash Builder config    - Generation of HTML wrapper identical to that generated by Flash Builder    - MXML views are now round-tripping (version c54df67f7225d9586622a14b5a563cce63cd4276)
Work in progress...initial scaffolding of mxml views nearing completion. (version 553e3aadb06bac3335baba336c13cb3611e4256a)
Added copyright headers. (version c6b00fcd6d16bb2853a2deb6b775464dd3206c3a)
Added distribution repository config. (version 00ae968a868d1dbb8a2cf373db6c74739d19f9cb)
Reducing to bare skeleton.  The rest may be re-generated via flex.roo script. (version 92fccf1af1e88ac385a617f4fff4ecc9f95d3f85)
Source cleanup and polishing in preparation for release. (version 390fdb9ba55b9069abc66c4576774bb4caa2bffc)
First pass at ActionScript class generation code-complete...needs testing. (version ffe2eef893460000edb8fc3c9d01721b91b7b8a7)
Correcting unintentional use of a Java 6 method. (version 6bdde21fe46d19320b802592db638ea5074de15c)
Generating validators and avoiding two-way binding since it doesn't work for non-text properties. (version d77433bef94cb77573fee71c2e82e0a9261a1131)
Expanding test coverage and implementation of As3ParserMetadataProvider (version 54d1db44f1c80375122063806a6cde9fd08151af)
Splitting Spring BlazeDS and the Flex Addon into seperate directory structures (version c49fe0556f6008ecb3cf9d17336ba26ae8977118)
Updating the maven dependencies that the addon installs and adding an application for integration testing. (version 5bd0a3e93e1c06676e85afc4f8cba1be86c9990c)
Work in progress. (version e344d87ee5291ddeb6e4ff580fed41dad82c61b9)
Updating svn:ignore (version c3f202bc591ddee67cef98437c6b26255f208eae)
Updated version. (version ef23aa7b6b4760d29ce51d27164fa4f30f2b2213)
null (version 30db33def4150d290d21459507dc3b376a5144d7)
Filling out the ActionScript meta-model. (version 1c92ac988796213c9a8c66331068dd8c67062f63)
Moving the Flex Addon to a top-level structure (version 479c12f2f146bab0bd640a3984958a5f4a6b3b48)
Fixed ROOFLEX-39 and eliminated ConcurrentModificationWxception problem when adding Flex directories for monitoring. (version 417529bd05ce29c66a7074dde3bae13d90ce7f84)
Work in progress. (version 4c883488bbd71edb7ecd7152998f36048ae88180)
Testless build
Build Completed Code commits Tests
Build Completed Code commits Tests