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INTEXT › SIH1 › #37 8 months ago
GH-235: Fix a memory leak in HZ LeaderInitiator

According to the hazelcast team:
"The logic assumes that locks are generally acquired
& released in a fairly short time or hold a very long time without unlocking.
But in this case, is a bit different, it holds the lock for a long time,
but also does lock/unlock very frequently".

The previous implementation used the described logic,
first acquiring a lock and then doing frequent `tryLock/unlock`.
Doing this leads to
to grow without ever being cleaned thus leading to an `OutOfMemoryError` eventually.

* Rely on the `FencedLock.isLocked()` instead of frequent `tryLock/unlock`
* Fix `LeaderInitiatorTests` not to spawn 3 CP members since an unsafe mode is
enough to test the feature
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