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FLEX › ROOQUICK › #6 7 years ago
null (version d53066c836a5099e2d25a7d097e1546677f39042)
null (version 4e416dc6cdf3e1a3604aa2a19ec2625057374f74)
null (version 51482d521c72595cccd366d6bd7347b8f79b4b91)
null (version 8bb045d04765779605c5e3910b7055a8154a72de)
ROOFLEX-16 Consecutive updates fail because the version column is not changed on the flex client side (fix by Stefan Osterlehner) (version debf9e521f12244179f7a7ba59bd481cb4500af4)
null (version bf08803dd8009dafa09c47281d6c12badbef2baf)
null (version 415a669a258f55cf87086ddbe79b57f50ba60949)
null (version 7dea64ff0567484828b6fd543f600839d56cf981)
removed xsl:text element which prevented correct generation of pdf documentation (version 19abd43dc59444e8f58d094b147832b53ffe1f2f)
renamed obsolete pom.* properties to project.* (version ede31e667f400ce574ee356babe49cb5498b666a)
Testless build
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Build Completed Code commits Tests