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REACTOR › RNEXT › #3062 3 weeks ago
Add links to "Which operator do I need?" documentation (#2639)
This commit adds links to each mentioned operator in the decision tree.

For cases where there is both a Flux and Mono variant, the link are appended
between parentheses like `operator (Flux|Mono)`.

Fixes #2371.
7807 passed
REACTOR › RNEXT › #3041 1 month ago
Add Mono.cache(ttl, ttl, ttl) overload with Scheduler (#2619)
This commit exposes an overload of `Mono.cache(Function...)` where the
`Scheduler` used as a timer can be specified by the user.

Additionally, it now checks for `null` and reject it explicitly for all
input parameters (including in simplified `cache` variants that do rely
on `MonoCacheTime`).

Fixes #2580
7733 passed
REACTOR › RNEXT › #3024 2 months ago
Improve explanations in Retry javadoc (#2609)
This commit clarifies the wording of the `Retry` and
`RetrySignal` javadoc.

Fixes #2553.
7734 passed
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Build Completed Code commits Tests