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Gary Russell Gary Russell 0f4df70153d0eda90f2a6db2f630b7508c4d849a m 0f4df70153d0eda90f2a6db2f630b7508c4d849a 2.2 General Code and API Cleanup
- remove redundant `implements`
- remove redundant `throws`
- narrow thrown expressions
Artem Bilan Artem Bilan 00827fc81d9eaaf25ca31650b54cd3bc2a087812 m 00827fc81d9eaaf25ca31650b54cd3bc2a087812 Upgrades and doc fixes
* Upgrade to Gradle `5.2.1`
* Upgrade Kotlin, Asciidoc, Sonarqube, Checkstyle, AssertJ
* Store Docs in the separate `/html` and `/pdf` dirs in the final zip,
as it was in the previous versions
* Fix Docs to render (or not) version properly: we don't need a version
on front HTML page just after author names in the same line.
So, introduce a simple CSS in the `docinfo.html` to hide that `revnumber`.
It looks OK, though, in PDF: rendered on the separate line
* Move `What's New?` content to the `appendix.adoc` and start section for
the current version
* Fix Checkstyle for suspicion failure about nested annotations
Gary Russell Gary Russell 90b7b916e4f297cbb99d607ec88c78c9cf8c7aaa m 90b7b916e4f297cbb99d607ec88c78c9cf8c7aaa Add updateCopyrights Gradle Task
Gary Russell Gary Russell 7b7c8d8dd1c2a17e10ae53c53116adb7c6ce95ec m 7b7c8d8dd1c2a17e10ae53c53116adb7c6ce95ec Move master to 2.2
Spring Buildmaster Spring Buildmaster 97c63c1628677d28dcd993774e6c69460188153b m 97c63c1628677d28dcd993774e6c69460188153b [artifactory-release] Next development version