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Mahmoud Ben Hassine Mahmoud Ben Hassine 29f701cd0c050405b092721d8dacb46461f2f163 29f701cd0c050405b092721d8dacb46461f2f163 Fix link to STS in README
Mahmoud Ben Hassine Mahmoud Ben Hassine eaeb415521c29cecc6ca3c9a57104c2486927162 eaeb415521c29cecc6ca3c9a57104c2486927162 Remove outdated IDE specific resources
Mahmoud Ben Hassine Mahmoud Ben Hassine 329457e672366251b2e68909fa05a8575fe2100e 329457e672366251b2e68909fa05a8575fe2100e Remove irrelevant test
The test `testCompareNewWithOldAfterCopy` does
not work on linux/unix unless a `Thread.sleep`
is added before the file copying (see cbcf28c3).

This test does not work on windows neither,
because it is based on apache commons
`FileUtils.copyFile` which does not honor
`preserveFileDate=false` on windows.

The following test works on linux/unix
but not on windows:

public void testLastModifiedAfterCopy() throws IOException {
    File existing = new FileSystemResource(FILE_PATH).getFile();
    File temp = new File("target/temp.txt");
    FileUtils.copyFile(existing, temp, false);
    assertTrue(temp.lastModified() > existing.lastModified());

On windows, even though `preserveFileDate=false`,
the last modification date of the copy is equal
(ie preserved) to the one of the original file,
which is not the case on linux/unix. Trying to
use an alternative like `java.nio.file.Files#copy`
does not work since it only offers the ability
to either copy file attributes or replace the
existing file (which is not the idea of this test).

This test does not add any value and should have
been removed since a long time (see TODO in 12d6613).