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Mahmoud Ben Hassine <> Mahmoud Ben Hassine <> c5b45f450f020009cf8bf8f900d08144fa8d2bc7 c5b45f450f020009cf8bf8f900d08144fa8d2bc7 Update maven plugins to latest versions
Mahmoud Ben Hassine <> Mahmoud Ben Hassine <> d62f966e68f722215cf84e27693c118eb5108b4b d62f966e68f722215cf84e27693c118eb5108b4b Add maven-jar-plugin configuration
Mahmoud Ben Hassine <> Mahmoud Ben Hassine <> d0493906a82d87e9b2c29ebddf5749ae3e88108c d0493906a82d87e9b2c29ebddf5749ae3e88108c Replace usage of "build" directory with "target"
Mahmoud Ben Hassine <> Mahmoud Ben Hassine <> b1f596cc941e5e8c98ed240c7f635929a54fcd56 b1f596cc941e5e8c98ed240c7f635929a54fcd56 Re-organize dependencies
Mahmoud Ben Hassine <> Mahmoud Ben Hassine <> cde1d41b150eb624a58c474287d94be5e8db669d cde1d41b150eb624a58c474287d94be5e8db669d Update build process documentation

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