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  • Mahmoud Ben Hassine <>

    Mahmoud Ben Hassine <[email protected]> c4b001b732c8a4127e6a2a99e2fd00fff510f629

    Remove usage of deprecated APIs from testcontainers

    • spring-batch-core/src/test/java/org/springframework/batch/core/test/repository/ (version c4b001b732c8a4127e6a2a99e2fd00fff510f629)
  • Mahmoud Ben Hassine <>

    Mahmoud Ben Hassine <[email protected]> b8a6a51488ecf7569a23a0bbeecf0be57b153082

    Rename MySQLJdbcJobRepositoryTests to MySQLJdbcJobRepositoryIntegrationTests
    Since this is a Docker based test, it should be part
    of the integration test suite executed by
    maven-failsafe-plugin during the `verify` phase.

    • spring-batch-core/src/test/java/org/springframework/batch/core/test/repository/ (version b8a6a51488ecf7569a23a0bbeecf0be57b153082)
  • Mahmoud Ben Hassine <>

    Mahmoud Ben Hassine <[email protected]> 5fbbad988833c94a5e1b3b0fd821b4f10cd059e2

    Disable SSL usage in MySQL test container
    By default, testcontainers does not use SSL. This commit
    disable SSL usage in the datasource configuration to
    prevent `SSLHandshakeException`s.

    • spring-batch-core/src/test/java/org/springframework/batch/core/test/repository/ (version 5fbbad988833c94a5e1b3b0fd821b4f10cd059e2)