Nightly build for the 4.3.x branch

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Code commits


  • Mahmoud Ben Hassine <>

    Mahmoud Ben Hassine <> c130ada3e4aa1f46e9b94ba1e748d98151f968b8

    Update Spring projects dependencies to latest SNAPSHOT

    • build.gradle (version c130ada3e4aa1f46e9b94ba1e748d98151f968b8)
  • Mahmoud Ben Hassine <>

    Mahmoud Ben Hassine <> b311d8cae7392303521ec980424bf26b85eb2f4f

    Fix regression in docs
    Master/Slave terms were replaced
    with Manager/Worker in 85b3e9002
    but this seems to be lost when
    merging efdce562b0e71695221f6.

    • spring-batch-docs/asciidoc/spring-batch-integration.adoc (version b311d8cae7392303521ec980424bf26b85eb2f4f)