Nightly build for the 4.3.x branch

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  • Mahmoud Ben Hassine <>

    Mahmoud Ben Hassine <[email protected]> c3b2e26f708f7bfd471ede758bd87ac4894efd41

    Disable SSL usage in MySQL test container
    By default, testcontainers does not use SSL. This commit
    disable SSL usage in the datasource configuration to
    prevent `SSLHandshakeException`s.

    • spring-batch-core-tests/src/test/java/org/springframework/batch/core/test/repository/ (version c3b2e26f708f7bfd471ede758bd87ac4894efd41)
  • Mahmoud Ben Hassine <>

    Mahmoud Ben Hassine <[email protected]> ad0fd058b6130437ac17e97ac330a2d18ec9f24f

    Update dependencies

    • build.gradle (version ad0fd058b6130437ac17e97ac330a2d18ec9f24f)