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bb7940f8e40e8e1dc87d6dcb00b1a66cc95aab42 bb7940f8e40e8e1dc87d6dcb00b1a66cc95aab42

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Madhura Bhave Madhura Bhave bb7940f8e40e8e1dc87d6dcb00b1a66cc95aab42 bb7940f8e40e8e1dc87d6dcb00b1a66cc95aab42 Use BatchErrorHandler when Kafka listener type is batch
Closes gh-16499
Madhura Bhave Madhura Bhave ac2b0093c7ee5a6cd04fd29e14595855ef2c1f9e ac2b0093c7ee5a6cd04fd29e14595855ef2c1f9e Disable DevTools' post-processors and auto-config when running tests
Closes gh-5307
Andy Wilkinson Andy Wilkinson b164b16c21734a8581b39553594f102a75bb9738 b164b16c21734a8581b39553594f102a75bb9738 Merge branch '2.1.x'
Andy Wilkinson Andy Wilkinson dacbb65fd7cf3b0d4b1d717213bd65e8d276c7eb m dacbb65fd7cf3b0d4b1d717213bd65e8d276c7eb Merge branch '2.0.x' into 2.1.x
Closes gh-16579
Andy Wilkinson Andy Wilkinson 7260c0f2c4270c76027c51a8fe6cf45157e2ffbf m 7260c0f2c4270c76027c51a8fe6cf45157e2ffbf Merge branch '1.5.x' into 2.0.x

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