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Andy Wilkinson Andy Wilkinson ff9d0cf49b04ca4b93672eca6b3bc6c470b8b890 ff9d0cf49b04ca4b93672eca6b3bc6c470b8b890 Merge branch '2.1.x'
Closes gh-17588
Andy Wilkinson Andy Wilkinson 74f0e42c98d536bc2e234dfe33411f0cf83c8cbe m 74f0e42c98d536bc2e234dfe33411f0cf83c8cbe Make it clearer when there will be no auto-configured MessageSource
Closes gh-17485
Andy Wilkinson Andy Wilkinson 78871d7a5daf51ecea33b416bee1d7a3345f217b 78871d7a5daf51ecea33b416bee1d7a3345f217b Tighten up sourceDocumentExtensions used for single and multi-page docs
Previously, the sourceDocumentExtension used for the single-page
documentation was htmlsingleadoc and for the multi-page docs they
were adoc and htmladoc. When finding source files to render, the
Asciidoctor Maven Plugin looks for files with a name that ends with
one of the configured extensions. This resulted in the
index.htmlsingleadoc file matching the adoc extention in the
multi-page configuration in addition to the intended match for the
index.htmladoc. As a result both the single-page and multi-page
indexes were rendered when rendering the multi-page documentation.

In addition to this unwanted rendering, if the single-page index was
rendered after the multi-page index, the multi-page index would be
overwritten by the single-page index, leaving the multi-page docs with
the wrong index file. Asciidoctor uses File.listFiles() during its
source file discovery which is documented as having no guarantee
that the resulting array will be in any specific order. As a result,
there was also no guarantee about which index we'd end up with.

Closes gh-17263
Andy Wilkinson Andy Wilkinson ea1dc85d50c1e2c86073b84b539515a4af511e9d ea1dc85d50c1e2c86073b84b539515a4af511e9d Isolate Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder mutation
Previously, Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder was a singleton bean. This
meant that if it was injected and mutated in one injection point,
usage in a subsequent injection point would see the previous
injection point's mutation which can lead to unexpected failures.

This commit updates the auto-configuration of the builder to make it
a protoype bean. Mutation of the builder that is intended to apply
globally should be made using a customizer.

Closes gh-17477
Andy Wilkinson Andy Wilkinson c7d2799f4e1b42daa96ea1c1190612eb0627039e c7d2799f4e1b42daa96ea1c1190612eb0627039e Add configuration property for DispatcherServlet event publishing
Closes gh-17500


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