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fddd7c5f915588f56a5cdf3571445a0d3ed420a9 fddd7c5f915588f56a5cdf3571445a0d3ed420a9

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Stéphane Nicoll Stéphane Nicoll fddd7c5f915588f56a5cdf3571445a0d3ed420a9 fddd7c5f915588f56a5cdf3571445a0d3ed420a9 Upgrade to Spring Framework 4.1.8.RELEASE
Closes gh-4019
Andy Wilkinson Andy Wilkinson 7e718cda265b85ad6337a0aa711906c7e1097e34 7e718cda265b85ad6337a0aa711906c7e1097e34 Remove redundant hash from path of unpacked nested library
Closes gh-4124
Andy Wilkinson Andy Wilkinson d55c001a2ee5e86e6fe8a861dc655c1dee8af961 d55c001a2ee5e86e6fe8a861dc655c1dee8af961 Start building against Spring Framework 4.1.8 snapshots
See gh-4019
Andy Wilkinson Andy Wilkinson 5ceda4f4ab5ae132f331d660a892ec3b41a37863 5ceda4f4ab5ae132f331d660a892ec3b41a37863 Upgrade to Spring Data Evans SR4
Closes gh-3576
Andy Wilkinson Andy Wilkinson e4895f8fdeca321769b52e0d4359f246b80475c1 e4895f8fdeca321769b52e0d4359f246b80475c1 Disable child context's /error endpoint if disabled in parent
Previously, EndpointWebMvcChildContextConfiguration would attempt to
create a /error endpoint, irrespective of whether or not the parent
had such an endpoint. If the endpoint was disabled in the parent this
would cause a failure due to the absence of an ErrorAttributes bean.

This commit updates EndpointWebMvcChildContextConfiguration to make
the creation of its /error endpoint conditional on the existence of
an ErrorAttributes bean.

Closes gh-4164

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