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Mark Paluch Mark Paluch 0f7dbd249261df52d31f53a26bea92479805db98 0f7dbd249261df52d31f53a26bea92479805db98 Polishing
Adapt test to URL cleanup.
Spring Operator <> Spring Operator <> 165fb4087e4dfc0f3061e2d3a100efc01207fd02 165fb4087e4dfc0f3061e2d3a100efc01207fd02 URL Cleanup
This commit updates URLs to prefer the https protocol. Redirects are not followed to avoid accidentally expanding intentionally shortened URLs (i.e. if using a URL shortener).

# Fixed URLs

## Fixed But Review Recommended
These URLs were fixed, but the https status was not OK. However, the https status was the same as the http request or http redirected to an https URL, so they were migrated. Your review is recommended.

* (ConnectTimeoutException) with 4 occurrences migrated to: ([https]( result ConnectTimeoutException).

## Fixed Success
These URLs were switched to an https URL with a 2xx status. While the status was successful, your review is still recommended.

* with 1 occurrences migrated to: ([https]( result 200).
* with 2 occurrences migrated to: ([https]( result 200).
* with 1 occurrences migrated to: ([https]( result 302).

# Ignored
These URLs were intentionally ignored.

* http://localhost:10334/ with 1 occurrences
* http://localhost:10334/?token=foo&backend.transit=cf/transit&shared_backend.generic=cf/secret with 1 occurrences
* http://localhost:8200 with 3 occurrences
* http://localhost:8200?token=my-token with 1 occurrences
* http://localhost:8200?token=my-token&backend.generic=cf/secret&backend.transit=cf/transit&shared_backend=space=cf/space with 2 occurrences


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