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ef96207c0059ce4801d12a61af25938110124794 ef96207c0059ce4801d12a61af25938110124794
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#806 (Child of GRECLIPSE-GE45-561)
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Eric Milles Eric Milles ef96207c0059ce4801d12a61af25938110124794 ef96207c0059ce4801d12a61af25938110124794 Add qualifier to VisitStatus
Eric Milles Eric Milles 8aba1c0be64c4776cafb590afc19e4b56553642f 8aba1c0be64c4776cafb590afc19e4b56553642f Add qualifier to VisitStatus
Eric Milles Eric Milles adc9fa9315b46145dcc6747e1ebfae0ac4e49d97 adc9fa9315b46145dcc6747e1ebfae0ac4e49d97 Add qualifier to VisitStatus
Eric Milles Eric Milles 2c337798d113cd79e19986ef1d98177ee3f502e8 2c337798d113cd79e19986ef1d98177ee3f502e8 Revert to Maven Central available compiler plugins
Eric Milles Eric Milles dce5dd912e4de7036275c0f17769186b953feba9 dce5dd912e4de7036275c0f17769186b953feba9 Do not apply compiler config script to resources outside source folders

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