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  • Oliver Drotbohm

    Oliver Drotbohm ad7420e5e60946d430890cc9b87575ad27955aa6

    #828 - Polishing.
    Switched to javadoc:javadoc goal as we're not an aggregator project and can prevent the lifecycle restart from being triggered which caused plugins being bound to lifecycle phases before compile to be re-triggered.

    Upgraded to Asciidoctor Maven Plugin Removed custom CSS stylesheet for Javadoc as it doesn't look right with current Javadoc.

    • pom.xml (version ad7420e5e60946d430890cc9b87575ad27955aa6)
  • Greg Turnquist

    Greg Turnquist 3346005bf6263bbe1d2349b949d82159eaacccc8

    #828 - Backport modernized docs.
    Original issue: #798.

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    • src/main/asciidoc/index.adoc (version 3346005bf6263bbe1d2349b949d82159eaacccc8)