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Oliver Drotbohm Oliver Drotbohm 1f8c0a423010929e9bfe48ce44c2df08300fa62f 1f8c0a423010929e9bfe48ce44c2df08300fa62f #1252 - Polishing.
We now make sure that BeanPostProcessors that are exposed consume their dependencies via ObjectFactory instances to avoid the need to prematurely trigger bean instantiation in the BeanPostProcessor detection phase. Marked the direct dependencies of the post processors as lazy, as the post processor only do actual work if beans of a particular type are available in the ApplicationContext. In case they aren't we don't even need to instantiate the downstream dependencies of the processors.

Avoid proxying of configuration classes where possible.

Related pull request: #1251.
Greg Turnquist Greg Turnquist de38b9e200b08505724a41d4bc5f926fd0aa0c15 de38b9e200b08505724a41d4bc5f926fd0aa0c15 #1252 - Make sure HypermediaWebTestClientConfigurer is only included with spring-test on the classpath.
HypermediaConfigurationImportSelector is now ResourceLoaderAware to make sure it uses the class loader used to bootstrap the application context. This is important for both testing as well as custom classloader arrangements like Boot's DevTools. We now only include WebTestHateoasConfiguration if WebTestClient is on the classpath.

The configuration class has been extracted to not leak references to code tied to spring-test into production deployments. Added test cases to check both the inclusion and exclusion of the configuration classes based on the classpath arrangement.

Original pull request: #1251.