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  • Oliver Drotbohm

    Oliver Drotbohm 1607994fd2d78b812b1ae8c1a30413524e1c0391

    #1352 - Change in implementation strategy for Maps in EntityModel.
    We now use a custom serializer for EntityModel.getContent() as we need that to still return the Map content for programmatic clients. The serializer skips maps entirely and programmatically unwraps all other content.

    A simple Converter (@JsonSerialize(convert = …)) to filter Maps unfortunately didn't do the trick as that causes a a delegating serializer to be registered for the property and @JsonUnwrapped stops working as it's designed to work with bean serializers only.

    Adapted test cases accordingly.

    Original pull request: #1353.

    • src/main/java/org/springframework/hateoas/ (version 1607994fd2d78b812b1ae8c1a30413524e1c0391)
    • src/test/java/org/springframework/hateoas/mediatype/hal/ (version 1607994fd2d78b812b1ae8c1a30413524e1c0391)
  • Greg L. Turnquist <>

    Greg L. Turnquist <> 69c81f24e4d033a863d8488710ea2b59d9849775

    #1352 - Render Map entries once.
    Maps, when wrapped inside an EntityModel, were getting double-rendered. Fix it so that they are only rendered once.

    • src/main/java/org/springframework/hateoas/ (version 69c81f24e4d033a863d8488710ea2b59d9849775)
    • src/test/java/org/springframework/hateoas/mediatype/hal/ (version 69c81f24e4d033a863d8488710ea2b59d9849775)
    • src/test/kotlin/org/springframework/hateoas/server/reactive/ReactiveRepresentationModelAssemblerBuilderDslUnitTest.kt (version 69c81f24e4d033a863d8488710ea2b59d9849775)