Repackages various maven dependencies as osgi bundles on a p2 update site for easy consumption in tycho builds

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Alex Boyko Alex Boyko 562dcf9ab236a7c204a588bfe0516d27bef3ad8f 562dcf9ab236a7c204a588bfe0516d27bef3ad8f Merge pull request #2 from spring-operator/polish-urls-xml-master
URL Cleanup
Spring Operator <> Spring Operator <> d3fc2a6b947672f0420598962150e373f29bc44e d3fc2a6b947672f0420598962150e373f29bc44e URL Cleanup
This commit updates URLs to prefer the https protocol. Redirects are not followed to avoid accidentally expanding intentionally shortened URLs (i.e. if using a URL shortener).

# Fixed URLs

## Fixed Success
These URLs were switched to an https URL with a 2xx status. While the status was successful, your review is still recommended.

* with 1 occurrences migrated to: ([https]( result 301).

# Ignored
These URLs were intentionally ignored.

* with 2 occurrences
* with 1 occurrences