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    Artem Bilan 29b2c7665b8bc374f25d8d80db926c3095cb31f9

    Fix IntegrationFlowContext concurrency issue
    When we register `IntegrationFlow` s concurrently at runtime, we may
    end up with the problem when we register the same object with the same
    bean name, but in different places.
    Or when we turn off bean overriding, we end up with the exception that
    bean with the name already registered

    * Wrap `IntegrationFlow` bean registration in the
    `StandardIntegrationFlowContext` into the `Lock` when its bean name
    is generating
    * Make `StandardIntegrationFlowContext.registry` as `ConcurrentHashMap`
    to avoid `ConcurrentModificationException` during `put()` and `remove()`
    * Fix concurrency for beans registration with the generation names in
    the `IntegrationFlowBeanPostProcessor` using an `IntegrationFlow` id
    as a prefix for uniqueness.

    **Cherry-pick to 5.0.x**

    • spring-integration-core/src/main/java/org/springframework/integration/dsl/ (version 29b2c7665b8bc374f25d8d80db926c3095cb31f9)
    • spring-integration-core/src/main/java/org/springframework/integration/dsl/context/ (version 29b2c7665b8bc374f25d8d80db926c3095cb31f9)
    • spring-integration-core/src/test/java/org/springframework/integration/dsl/manualflow/ (version 29b2c7665b8bc374f25d8d80db926c3095cb31f9)