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Artem Bilan Artem Bilan 0d7bbeaa4e1a202e9d12de5faaaea93b08412bb7 0d7bbeaa4e1a202e9d12de5faaaea93b08412bb7 GH-3554: Eval remote dir on each synchToLocal (#3556)
* GH-3554: Eval remote dir on each synchToLocal


The `remoteDirectoryExpression` was introduced into an
`AbstractInboundFileSynchronizer` to let end-user to evaluate a remote directory
on each poll (essentially on each `synchronizeToLocalDirectory()` call).
The fix for the introduced a regression
when such an expression was evaluated only once when we call a `setRemoteDirectory()`.
So, an original purpose of this option was lost and we don't get an actual
remote dir on each poll

* Remove `evaluateRemoteDirectory()` method and its usage since it doesn't
reflect expectation of the remote dir expression property
* Reinstate the `remoteDirectoryExpression` evaluation in the
* Propagate the result of that expression into further methods for copying
* Remove setting of the `remoteDirectory` variable into a global `EvaluationContext`
of the `AbstractInboundFileSynchronizer` instance since it is not thread-safe
* Instead create an `EvaluationContext` locally for each `synchronizeToLocalDirectory()`
call and set the `remoteDirectory` variable into this scoped instances
* Generate a local file name from the `localFilenameGeneratorExpression`
against locally created `EvaluationContext` with the mentioned `remoteDirectory` variable
* Cover the expected functionality with a unit-test

**Cherry-pick to `5.4.x` & `5.3.x`**

* * Fix `testRemoteDirectoryRefreshedOnEachSynchronization` according PR review


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