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  • Artem Bilan

    Artem Bilan b84b60c732699a4022e3221f6fb4a7f4319319fa

    GH-3560 Parse mail FROM as comma-delimited header (#3562)

    According RFC 5322 `FROM` and `REPLY-TO` received mail message can be
    as an array of addresses.

    * Fix `MailUtils` to present those arrays as comma-delimited strings for
    Spring message headers
    * Fix tests to deal already with several addresses for `FROM` mime header.

    In the future we may change the logic to map those mime headers to arrays
    as it states according the mentioned RFC

    **Cherry-pick to `5.4.x` & `5.3.x`**

    • spring-integration-mail/src/main/java/org/springframework/integration/mail/support/ (version b84b60c732699a4022e3221f6fb4a7f4319319fa)
    • spring-integration-mail/src/test/java/org/springframework/integration/mail/ (version b84b60c732699a4022e3221f6fb4a7f4319319fa)
    • spring-integration-mail/src/test/java/org/springframework/integration/mail/config/ (version b84b60c732699a4022e3221f6fb4a7f4319319fa)
    • spring-integration-mail/src/test/java/org/springframework/integration/mail/dsl/ (version b84b60c732699a4022e3221f6fb4a7f4319319fa)
    • spring-integration-test-support/src/main/java/org/springframework/integration/test/mail/ (version b84b60c732699a4022e3221f6fb4a7f4319319fa)
  • Artem Bilan

    Artem Bilan b6ed88eb982ea2fcbad7f5d6a922b2831f4f6f91

    GH-3558: Kotlin DSL: propagate generics info (#3561)

    Kotlin lambdas mostly used to configure endpoints in DSL manner
    are not really Java lambdas, but rather anonymous classes implementing
    respective Java interfaces.

    While in most cases such classes carry generic info for their method impls
    properly in Java, it is somehow doesn't work well for `GenericHandler`
    implemented by Kotlin lambdas

    * Wrap provided `GenericHandler` in the `BaseIntegrationFlowDefinition.handle()`
    into a Java lambda and call `handle()` recursively to carry an expected type to
    the `LambdaMessageProcessor`
    * Fix `LambdaMessageProcessor` to handle `ClassUtils.isKotlinUnit()` result of
    an invocation as a `null` reply

    **Cherry-pick to `5.4.x` & `5.3.x`**

    • spring-integration-core/src/main/java/org/springframework/integration/dsl/ (version b6ed88eb982ea2fcbad7f5d6a922b2831f4f6f91)
    • spring-integration-core/src/main/java/org/springframework/integration/handler/ (version b6ed88eb982ea2fcbad7f5d6a922b2831f4f6f91)
    • spring-integration-core/src/test/kotlin/org/springframework/integration/dsl/KotlinDslTests.kt (version b6ed88eb982ea2fcbad7f5d6a922b2831f4f6f91)