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    Fix IMAP race condition around idle()
    `IMAPFolder.idle()` by default keeps idle-ing after each response.
    We don't need that, because we want to fetch the new mails immediately (over the same connection).
    To make `idle()` not keep on going, we called
    `folder.isOpen()` which in most cases makes `idle()` stop by calling `noop()`
    internally (to keep the connection alive) which leads to the current
    `idle()`-call being canceled.

    The problem this commits addresses is that the call to `noop()` only
    happens if there were no calls in the last second.
    There is a check for that in `com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPFolder.keepConnectionAlive`.
    So if a new message appears less then a second after idle started, we will miss it.

    This new way interrupts `idle()` more often than before, e.g. when there
    is an expunge-message (i.e. a message was deleted), which we don't care about.
    But the subsequent `receive()` in IdleTask will simply get no
    messages and then turn around and start idle-ing again.

    **Cherry-pick to `5.3.x` & `master`**

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