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fnu, rohan <> fnu, rohan <> dfd914254b355b29157623a0e0ae51d04bcffc2a dfd914254b355b29157623a0e0ae51d04bcffc2a INT-4566: R2DBC Outbound Channel Adapter
JIRA: INT-4566">

* Fixed review comments
* added `DELETE` and `Criteria` implementation for outbound channel adapter
* Clean up code style
* Add initial docs
Gary Russell Gary Russell b860a2e818f06a9895ba80b0485e5f073b63c494 b860a2e818f06a9895ba80b0485e5f073b63c494 Merge Spring Integration Kafka into Main Repo
- merge master branch from old repo (`git-filter-repo`) for src branch
- update build.gradle
- copy docs from Spring for Apache Kafka Chapter

Doc polishing.

Fix http: references in tests.

* Add `What's New` note and fix `polling-consumer.adoc`
not linking to external project any more
Gary Russell Gary Russell 3ec74f380f8a4b42d62559deff60054a357bb394 3ec74f380f8a4b42d62559deff60054a357bb394 KMSource - fix RebalanceListener (incremental)
Support cooperative rebalancing
 - incremental assignment/revocation
 - re-pause if a rebalance occurs while paused

**cheerry-pick to 3.2.x**
Artem Bilan Artem Bilan a28647259c4c3e4f06a893f1717cc3de629e6705 a28647259c4c3e4f06a893f1717cc3de629e6705 Upgrade dependencies; prepare for release
Gary Russell Gary Russell 213772dcaffb406ab0c4648dddfb5ab45f584fbf 213772dcaffb406ab0c4648dddfb5ab45f584fbf Fix S-K Deprecations

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