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  • Artem Bilan

    Artem Bilan 0fba06b20630d9066c7c2260e905229752e2a82b

    Fix AMQP test for the latest Spring AMQP

    • spring-integration-amqp/src/test/java/org/springframework/integration/amqp/channel/ (version 0fba06b20630d9066c7c2260e905229752e2a82b)
  • Artem Bilan

    Artem Bilan 8fd07b1a0c4f41fdb09f554ee6456692cfb37bfa

    Revert Spring deps to SNAPSHOTs
    * Optimize `InboundOneWayErrorTests` to not close ctx after each test.
    Probably will affect ActiveMQ connection to avoid a race condition
    when it is not started yet, but we produce a message

    • build.gradle (version 8fd07b1a0c4f41fdb09f554ee6456692cfb37bfa)
    • spring-integration-jms/src/test/java/org/springframework/integration/jms/config/ (version 8fd07b1a0c4f41fdb09f554ee6456692cfb37bfa)
  • Gary Russell <>

    Gary Russell <[email protected]> d1155297b653cc8f6d2fa6d6e0fe974434c6bb93

    (S)FTP Doc Polishing

    • src/reference/asciidoc/ftp.adoc (version d1155297b653cc8f6d2fa6d6e0fe974434c6bb93)
    • src/reference/asciidoc/sftp.adoc (version d1155297b653cc8f6d2fa6d6e0fe974434c6bb93)