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    Code switcher in the channel-adapter.adoc

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    Code switcher in barrier and channel docs
    * Mention in the `chain.adoc` that a `<chain>` pattern
    is mostly for an XML configuration

    • src/reference/asciidoc/barrier.adoc (version 49f0398144d92586fa5ee0ab52b55a7000c2a53d)
    • src/reference/asciidoc/chain.adoc (version 49f0398144d92586fa5ee0ab52b55a7000c2a53d)
    • src/reference/asciidoc/channel.adoc (version 49f0398144d92586fa5ee0ab52b55a7000c2a53d)
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    GH-3504: Explain more an async error handling (#3563)
    * GH-3504: Explain more an async error handling


    The reaper for an aggregator (as we as a group timeout) are based on the
    If non-default `TaskScheduler` is used in the configuration, recommend to
    supply it with a `MessagePublishingErrorHandler`

    * Rewording changes for proper language

    Co-authored-by: Gary Russell <[email protected]>

    Co-authored-by: Gary Russell <[email protected]>

    • src/reference/asciidoc/aggregator.adoc (version 65963c9d5685c874fd2153ddb89ab784a463fba0)
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    • src/reference/asciidoc/error-handling.adoc (version 65963c9d5685c874fd2153ddb89ab784a463fba0)