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  • Artem Bilan

    Artem Bilan e17f267c313d6388b7bbb0ca6fab5a81e4ed774e

    INT-2436: JMS channel: bean name for container (#3565)
    JIRA: INT-2436">

    The `JmsChannelFactoryBean` creates a `ListenerContainer` internally
    without any `beanName` propagation.
    When we rely on a default internal `Executor`, it is created with a
    default thread name prefix for all the JMS channel instances.
    It cause a confusion in logs

    * Set `beanName` for the internal `ListenerContainer` to `this.beanName + ".container"`
    making its connection with a channel it is associated with and unique thread name prefix
    * Comment out `allWarningsAsErrors = true` in `build.gradle` for deprecated Kotlin
    language version `1.3`.
    Otherwise IDEA doesn't want to build project

    • build.gradle (version e17f267c313d6388b7bbb0ca6fab5a81e4ed774e)
    • spring-integration-jms/src/main/java/org/springframework/integration/jms/config/ (version e17f267c313d6388b7bbb0ca6fab5a81e4ed774e)
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  • Artem Bilan

    Artem Bilan 6b981925686691e801202bd2f35e8ef0436d7727

    Increase timeout in fluky aggregator test
    * Rework `DefaultMessageAggregatorIntegrationTests` to Junit 5
    * Add `@DirtiesContext` to release a `TaskScheduler` resources
    when the `ApplicationContext` is closed

    • spring-integration-core/src/test/java/org/springframework/integration/aggregator/integration/DefaultMessageAggregatorIntegrationTests-context.xml (version 6b981925686691e801202bd2f35e8ef0436d7727)
    • spring-integration-core/src/test/java/org/springframework/integration/aggregator/integration/ (version 6b981925686691e801202bd2f35e8ef0436d7727)