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Artem Bilan Artem Bilan b1e2f8fd8bfb6f62ae2d0ada903af3cca2fe9261 b1e2f8fd8bfb6f62ae2d0ada903af3cca2fe9261 Fix new Sonar smells for `GatewayProxyFactoryBean`
Spring Buildmaster Spring Buildmaster a041546e677359af8ed8c6b1c66044e6ffb7cbb4 a041546e677359af8ed8c6b1c66044e6ffb7cbb4 [artifactory-release] Next development version
Spring Buildmaster Spring Buildmaster 9e82481f348df94605098c57e7734ea54dd05948 9e82481f348df94605098c57e7734ea54dd05948 [artifactory-release] Release version 5.2.0.RC1
Artem Bilan Artem Bilan 29bebdba97fdf069e371a79d627de538831f9b42 29bebdba97fdf069e371a79d627de538831f9b42 GH-3047: Add GatewayProxySpec for Java DSL

* Improve `GatewayProxyFactoryBean` to determine the return type of the
method call from the interface generic types, when the `serviceInterface`
is a `java.util.function.Function`
* Propagate `MethodArgsHolder` as a `rootObject` for SpEL evaluations
* Deprecate `#gatewayMethod` and `#args` evaluation context variables
in favor of `MethodArgsHolder` as root object.
They will be removed in the future release and a single
`EvaluationContext` will be used for all the gateway expressions
* Introduce an
`IntegrationFlows.from(Class<?> serviceInterface, Consumer<GatewayProxySpec> endpointConfigurer)`
to allow to configure any valid gateway proxy options similar to what
we have with the `<gateway>` and `@MessagingGateway`.
This way we are very close to consistency between different approaches

* * Remove `default` prefix from `GatewayProxySpec` options
* Document the change
Artem Bilan Artem Bilan c668a046e1200b55a320d96f69627dae24d89db6 c668a046e1200b55a320d96f69627dae24d89db6 Upgrade dependencies to the stable Milestones
* Prepare for release

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