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Artem Bilan Artem Bilan 09f1110cebd37ecbf45243e5eeb632742d1d5bb6 m 09f1110cebd37ecbf45243e5eeb632742d1d5bb6 INT-4568: Add reactive MongoDbMH
JIRA: INT-4568">

* Refactor `AbstractMessageHandler` and implement `MongodbReactiveMessageHandler`

* Rename `AbstractBaseMessageHandler` to `MessageHandlerSupport`

* Clean up code style and resolve possible Sonar smells
Artem Bilan Artem Bilan 948f5a34da6d4b7cf5b6e40934bd705b545a01ce m 948f5a34da6d4b7cf5b6e40934bd705b545a01ce Remove IntegrationPatternType.gateway
The `GatewayProxyFactoryBean` really produces an Inbound Gateway
for downstream flow and its proxy becomes a start of the flow

* Determine a return type of the gateway method to indicate
that `void` one leads to the `IntegrationPatternType.inbound_channel_adapter`
instead of regular `IntegrationPatternType.inbound_gateway`
Artem Bilan Artem Bilan bc8e77527c9cad84fb95a9e66faa30fe383c7048 m bc8e77527c9cad84fb95a9e66faa30fe383c7048 GH-3120: Identify polling MG as outbound-CA

The messaging gateway method without arguments works as a
polling channel adapter.
In this case a Messaging Gateway component is present in the end of flow.
Therefore we treat it as an `outbound_channel_adapter`
Artem Bilan Artem Bilan 2cbc56c8564b47bcb3d5b560fe236fa3ef3f374f m 2cbc56c8564b47bcb3d5b560fe236fa3ef3f374f Fix IP type for ClaimCheckOutTransformer
The `ClaimCheckOutTransformer` contains an `IntegrationPatternType.claim_check_in`
value for its `getIntegrationPatternType()`.

* Use correct `IntegrationPatternType.claim_check_out` instead
Artem Bilan Artem Bilan 1ad6998e77482736b2da6050d4e347376e23aba4 m 1ad6998e77482736b2da6050d4e347376e23aba4 Introduce `IntegrationPattern` abstraction
* Add `IntegrationPattern` contract to implement on the target components
which represent particular EIP
* Add `IntegrationPatternType` with an internal `IntegrationPatternCategory`
to return from the component implementing `IntegrationPattern`
* Parse `IntegrationPatternType` in the `IntegrationNode` for potential
use on the UI for drawing a particular icon

* More pattern representations

* Clean up Checkstyle
* Fix JavaDocs
* Add `integrationPatternCategory` assertion into the `IntegrationGraphServerTests`

* Add more IntegrationPattern implementations
* Provide some delegation and overriding logic whenever we have
components wrapping

* Fix unused imports

* Add `inbound_gateway` pattern indicator
* Add conditional on `expectReply` to indicate a component as an
`IntegrationPatternType.outbound_channel_adapter` or
* Make some code clean up in affected classes

* Add a `gateway` type for `@MessagingGateway`

* Comment the reason for `outbound_gateway` type in the `AbstractReplyProducingMessageHandler`
* Bump `IntegrationGraphServer.GRAPH_VERSION`
* Add new attributes into graph sample in the `graph.adoc`
* Document an `IntegrationPattern`

* Apply changes for version 5.3

* Rebased into `5.3-WIP`
* Add a `whats-new.adoc` note about an `IntegrationPattern`

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