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  • Simon Basle

    Simon Basle ab8189749d804c3d515559a2b7535a3471a34153

    [build] Switch to maven-publish and artifactory plugins (#6)

    • build.gradle (version ab8189749d804c3d515559a2b7535a3471a34153)
    • gradle/publishing.gradle (version ab8189749d804c3d515559a2b7535a3471a34153)
  • Simon Basle

    Simon Basle dc001ed6dacbfad965f39678e9605bcfcaa44a45

    [build] Bump/cleanup Gradle, bump/fix Dokka, externalize versions (#6)
     - bump Gradle to 5.6.4, fix some minor warnings
     - bump Dokka to 0.10.0, update the configuration using new syntax
     - reactivate Dokka kdoc + javadoc output (with new issue caveat)
     - add externalLink to RxJava

    • build.gradle (version dc001ed6dacbfad965f39678e9605bcfcaa44a45)
    • (version dc001ed6dacbfad965f39678e9605bcfcaa44a45)
    • gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar (version dc001ed6dacbfad965f39678e9605bcfcaa44a45)
    • gradle/wrapper/ (version dc001ed6dacbfad965f39678e9605bcfcaa44a45)
    • gradlew (version dc001ed6dacbfad965f39678e9605bcfcaa44a45)
    • gradlew.bat (version dc001ed6dacbfad965f39678e9605bcfcaa44a45)
  • Simon Basle

    Simon Basle 58acaa44a54d8b2ca77f7ca96678a591adc79964

    [build] Add groupId task for releaser (#6)
    The task assumes no subprojects and only outputs the
    value. Best used with `--quiet --console=plain` options.

    • build.gradle (version 58acaa44a54d8b2ca77f7ca96678a591adc79964)
    • gradle/releaser.gradle (version 58acaa44a54d8b2ca77f7ca96678a591adc79964)