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  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> cd6acbb1986c5a58d6da41487468270a164d2c20

    Merge cf6c539 into 1.1.1

  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> cf6c539aa7c88eb538d5da8ae3d9d2bef81a5b79 m

    [build] Fix repositories order and plugin repositories
    This commit reorders repositories to prioritize getting artifacts from
    central repositories rather than the (which now only
    contains artifacts owned by the Spring and Reactor teams, and can also
    ask for authentication).

    It also ensures `snapshot`/`milestone`/`release` names are used, as the
    `libs-` prefixed repositories are reserved for publishing artifacts.

    Finally, it ensure gradle plugins are resolved from the jcenter
    repository over the one.

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