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Simon Basle Simon Basle 6ad3bde055e2ab1521f690588c4a2a129f7e35d8 6ad3bde055e2ab1521f690588c4a2a129f7e35d8 Merge #678 into Dysprosium
Adapted the dependencies:
 - bump reactivestreams to 1.0.3
 - added reactor-tools
 - removed reactor-logback
 - added reactor-pool
 - added reactor-kotlin-extensions
Brian Clozel Brian Clozel 71e2731560a2a0c34f2b5c1f4de61cc5f6541f9d m 71e2731560a2a0c34f2b5c1f4de61cc5f6541f9d Upgrade to Gradle 5.6.2 (#678)
Brian Clozel Brian Clozel 4252ee3f09f833f66a0cd34a8f997429ec3a17a4 m 4252ee3f09f833f66a0cd34a8f997429ec3a17a4 Publish BOM using Artifactory Gradle plugin (#678)
This commit applies the Artifactory Gradle plugin and configures it to
publish the generated BOM.

See other commits in #678, see #677.
Brian Clozel Brian Clozel a23e762c58715bcf189c7a29b71a91f287450ec9 m a23e762c58715bcf189c7a29b71a91f287450ec9 fix #677 Publish a Gradle Java Platform (#678)
Prior to this commit, the build would use the maven plugin to prepare
and publish a BOM for the reactor projects.

This commit replaces that with the java-platform plugin and expresses
the dependency versions as constraints.