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  • Simon Basle

    Simon Basle 0dbfeba4912a102079d0cc1a3254e20caf56c11c

    [build] Add bumpVersionsInReadme, better Artifactory creds, buildId
    - Added a bumpVersionsInReadme task that needs to be explicitly
    executed with oldVersion, currentVersion and nextVersion properties
    - For Artifactory, we declare an explicit credentials block using
    alternate properties like artifactory_publish_xxx, that can be set via
    an env var of the form ORG_GRADLE_PROJECT_artifactory_publish_xxx.
    - We give the build info a meaningful name and id and ensure we don't
    publish environment variables.

    • gradle/releaser.gradle (version 0dbfeba4912a102079d0cc1a3254e20caf56c11c)
    • gradle/setup.gradle (version 0dbfeba4912a102079d0cc1a3254e20caf56c11c)