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  • Simon Basle

    Simon Basle 1bd4968732e3d6fbe5f4f2acb9b32efc3d2b914d

    fix #648 Make StepVerifier.withVirtualTime mutually exclusive
    This commit adds a lock to the StepVerifier that is only used when
    virtual time is activated, resulting in the VirtualTimeScheduler
    activation, publisher verification and VTS reset to be mutually
    exclusive with other StepVerifier.withVirtualTime verify() invocations.

    This prevent different StepVerifier from side-effecting each other, as
    the StepVerifier is installed using a global hook.

    • reactor-test/src/test/java/reactor/test/ (version 1bd4968732e3d6fbe5f4f2acb9b32efc3d2b914d)
    • reactor-test/src/main/java/reactor/test/ (version 1bd4968732e3d6fbe5f4f2acb9b32efc3d2b914d)


  • Bjarte S. Karlsen <>

    Bjarte S. Karlsen <> e92144687fd2bf6319147be33d65f6b53c8958d3

    Retry Kotlin extension on Mono correctly returns Mono<T> (#152)

    • reactor-extra/src/test/kotlin/reactor/retry/RetryExtensionsTests.kt (version e92144687fd2bf6319147be33d65f6b53c8958d3)
    • reactor-extra/src/main/kotlin/reactor/retry/RetryExtensions.kt (version e92144687fd2bf6319147be33d65f6b53c8958d3)