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  • Simon Basle

    Simon Basle 42db2f7a36daf7e70502824b481abc96fb9f353e

    fix #1486 Prevent usingWhen terminal & cancel callbacks to both apply (#1487)
    This commit prevents asyncComplete/asyncError terminal callbacks to
    apply in addition to asyncCancel, in case one signal is still received
    after the other (eg. a cancellation is performed asynchronously,
    resulting in the signal arriving AFTER the onError/onComplete signals).

    • reactor-core/src/test/java/reactor/core/publisher/ (version 42db2f7a36daf7e70502824b481abc96fb9f353e)
    • reactor-core/src/main/java/reactor/core/publisher/ (version 42db2f7a36daf7e70502824b481abc96fb9f353e)