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  • Simon Basle

    Simon Basle fc74beb6f5da9fc717308777916314d6582d84f3

    [build] Log console output in Gradle ONLY for failed tests on CI
    This commit first adds CI detection variable (for TravisCI, CircleCI and

    It also uses that detection to enrich the test logging experience on CI
    by logging the console output in Gradle for tests that failed.

    This is done by capturing console output and printing it at `afterTest`
    if the test result is FAILED.

    • build.gradle (version fc74beb6f5da9fc717308777916314d6582d84f3)
  • Simon Basle

    Simon Basle 046695ebdd78d09b6584c862e12b9c396d938ee4

    [test] Polish ElasticSchedulerTest.lifoEviction to be more lenient
     - Logs when the number of active threads changes
     - accommodate the fact that on CI, threads could go during the test
     execution, so the last threadCount could be off (offset + or - 5)

    • reactor-core/src/test/java/reactor/core/scheduler/ (version 046695ebdd78d09b6584c862e12b9c396d938ee4)