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  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> bbd62155ccdd517e8ba17e01d883e79576103ebe

    Merge #2362 into 3.4.0-RC1

  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> 480f976f4b75649e8b60ba679ec8d3dfcf3b0703 m

    Merge #2362 into 3.3.10.RELEASE
    This merge commit includes reintroduction of cleanup() as well as
    adaptation to the fact that `ctx` isn't a field anymore in 3.3.

  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> d0e19e72844d966d668a1c2c22ab0420fbf3eb44 m

    fix #2362 Prevent ConcurrentModificationEx on bufferPredicate discard
    This commit adds some internal synchronization of the buffer in
    FluxBufferPredicate in order to ensure that cancellation racing with
    onNext doesn't trigger a ConcurrentModificationException (due to the
    buffer being iterated by onDiscard while onNext adds an element to it).

    • reactor-core/src/main/java/reactor/core/publisher/ (version d0e19e72844d966d668a1c2c22ab0420fbf3eb44)
    • reactor-core/src/test/java/reactor/core/publisher/ (version d0e19e72844d966d668a1c2c22ab0420fbf3eb44)