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  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> 139cd8002a8be065573b6dfb183ed45ed97d8cd1

    Merge ErrorFormatterTest polish commit 72118228 into 3.4.1

  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> 72118228232619126b314e986b6387da42400722 m

    [polish] Removing ErrorFormatterTest, was re-added empty in bad merge
    The ErrorFormatterTest class was renamed to MessageFormatterTest in
    3.3.0.M1. It was reintroduced empty by a bad merge of #2343 in the
    3.3.11.RELEASE. This commit cleans up after said merge, removing the
    empty extraneous file.

    • reactor-test/src/test/java/reactor/test/ (version 72118228232619126b314e986b6387da42400722)