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  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> 9ad7f45c225f2370041d96cf8341da37ddf50cfb

    Merge #2614 into 3.4.4
    Fixed conflict where the 0 prefetch option is mentioned.

  • Martin Tarjányi <>

    Martin Tarjányi <> b6ea41df91f91c91654591edd38dd6c915f3e144 m

    Improve misleading javadoc of concatMapXxx prefetch parameter (#2614)
    This commit improves the wording of concatMap and variants regarding
    the impact of the prefetch parameter, which does influence the requests
    made to the source.

    Fixes #2571

    • reactor-core/src/main/java/reactor/core/publisher/ (version b6ea41df91f91c91654591edd38dd6c915f3e144)