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  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> c7dd9650eb92f988a9154ffbc650af3472f1ef4b

    Let UnicastManySinkNoBackpressure switch to terminal state (#2367)
    This commit polishes the new unicast onBackpressureError so that it
    performs the state transition to the TERMINATED state when completing
    or erroring the sink.

    Also contains some state checks code style polish.

    • reactor-core/src/main/java/reactor/core/publisher/ (version c7dd9650eb92f988a9154ffbc650af3472f1ef4b)
    • reactor-core/src/test/java/reactor/core/publisher/ (version c7dd9650eb92f988a9154ffbc650af3472f1ef4b)