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  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> 6482c8c8b57ef9c01ced3d8f5fce6c6ca8cbf967

    Merge #2510 into 3.4.1

  • Eric Bottard <>

    Eric Bottard <> 1260e9c5986d9bc3682f5b00465226df089de53f m

    fix #2510 Rework asciidoctor integration
    This commit updates the asciidoctor toolchain:

    * upgrade to current, new generation of plugin
    * fix images to use local versions instead of online
    * fix way images are referenced, allows inline view even when a single
      file is rendered in IDE and unaware of attributes
    * fix missing project version attribute
    * add syntax highlighting in pdf with rouge
    * use symlinking to allow some svgs to be shared between refguide
      and javadoc

    Reviewed-in: #2517

    • build.gradle (version 1260e9c5986d9bc3682f5b00465226df089de53f)
    • docs/asciidoc/advancedFeatures.adoc (version 1260e9c5986d9bc3682f5b00465226df089de53f)
    • docs/asciidoc/coreFeatures.adoc (version 1260e9c5986d9bc3682f5b00465226df089de53f)
    • docs/asciidoc/images/flux.svg (version 1260e9c5986d9bc3682f5b00465226df089de53f)
    • docs/asciidoc/images/mono.svg (version 1260e9c5986d9bc3682f5b00465226df089de53f)
    • gradle/asciidoc.gradle (version 1260e9c5986d9bc3682f5b00465226df089de53f)