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  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> 0b0821a14017bcf5012ce022ec53b2817f8bb079

    Merge #130 into 0.2.4

  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> 9c7f35f162f1cf2113b280c378fb592ead36df01 m

    Only increment acquiredSize() once resource has been allocated (#130)
    This commit ensures the acquiredSize() metric is only updated when the
    resource has been allocated, and is about to be handed off to the
    subscriber of acquire().

    The decrement in case of allocation error is thus not needed anymore.

    Fixes #126.

    • src/main/java/reactor/pool/ (version 9c7f35f162f1cf2113b280c378fb592ead36df01)
    • src/main/java/reactor/pool/ (version 9c7f35f162f1cf2113b280c378fb592ead36df01)
    • src/test/java/reactor/pool/ (version 9c7f35f162f1cf2113b280c378fb592ead36df01)
  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> b3ff3485a9758dbf15f8cdb8bc03077689f69eb6

    Merge #131 in 0.2.4

  • Simon Baslé <>

    Simon Baslé <> 559991fc24e3b54ba9a2f30f7337ebfe532e4671 m

    Make log quieter in CommonPoolTest#pendingLimitAsync (#131)
    The test would log an `ErrorCallbackNotImplemented` but the error is
    actually evaluated in a `doOnError`, so we can suppress this output
    by subscribing with an empty error handler.

    Fixes #125.

    • src/test/java/reactor/pool/ (version 559991fc24e3b54ba9a2f30f7337ebfe532e4671)