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Simon Basle Simon Basle 3fc946402ce7093b7bbd84f9a7f36250151029b3 3fc946402ce7093b7bbd84f9a7f36250151029b3 Remove duplicate licence headers
Keep only 2011-Present one
Spring Operator <> Spring Operator <> 0a983ce5321e2f0487a6e3872f816feabc853188 0a983ce5321e2f0487a6e3872f816feabc853188 URL Cleanup
This commit updates URLs to prefer the https protocol. Redirects are not followed to avoid accidentally expanding intentionally shortened URLs (i.e. if using a URL shortener).

# Fixed URLs

## Fixed Success
These URLs were switched to an https URL with a 2xx status. While the status was successful, your review is still recommended.

* migrated to: ([https]( result 200).
* migrated to: ([https]( result 302). 

Reviewed in #35
Stephane Maldini <> Stephane Maldini <> dbad27c8e710bfc430bf819cf58b5be045131150 dbad27c8e710bfc430bf819cf58b5be045131150 Add ref doc link for reactor-netty Curate different link for learn section
Stephane Maldini <> Stephane Maldini <> 0eb09d0fd6049c29a9de4bbab50d2366b1b04bc3 0eb09d0fd6049c29a9de4bbab50d2366b1b04bc3 Update netty/core version
Stephane Maldini <> Stephane Maldini <> febf80e9bf5d613998d4ce0ebe139895a7a627eb febf80e9bf5d613998d4ce0ebe139895a7a627eb Update copyright date

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