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Simon Basle Simon Basle 60e62ecf31cba5172e9868a9c2a6f32c76ff757c 60e62ecf31cba5172e9868a9c2a6f32c76ff757c fix new BUILD-SNAPSHOT versions
Simon Basle Simon Basle b6e17eb3814102bd81fbd10ae667ea97f009cc72 b6e17eb3814102bd81fbd10ae667ea97f009cc72 fix release note link for test 3.1.0.RELEASE
Simon Basle Simon Basle 997f86617469cba5a2e780a326535adf53b4cb1f 997f86617469cba5a2e780a326535adf53b4cb1f Bismuth-RELEASE (core 3.1.0.RELEASE)
+ stop displaying milestones/pre-release versions
+ start displaying link to KDoc for core/test along javadoc links
Simon Basle Simon Basle 04313ca45d55852e62a9c636f6be788c9cdfea22 04313ca45d55852e62a9c636f6be788c9cdfea22 hack around dokka having style.css in the root but html in sub-folder
 - dokka has the css one level under the root html
 - when proxying the url, this translates to the css being looked for
 one level too high (`docs/core/snapshot/style.css`)
 - proxying also hides the `reactor-core` intermediate folder from
 relative links
 - so to determine the real url we prepend files with the intermediate
 folder, unless the file is `/style.css`
Simon Basle Simon Basle 6c71bbf1ffb03988684c3115a443aa32119a4ac2 6c71bbf1ffb03988684c3115a443aa32119a4ac2 recognize kdoc-api as pointing to kdoc zip (