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3c2e1beab77250fd0d2f95b48c6766b680753a33 3c2e1beab77250fd0d2f95b48c6766b680753a33
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Simon Baslé <> Simon Baslé <[email protected]> 3c2e1beab77250fd0d2f95b48c6766b680753a33 3c2e1beab77250fd0d2f95b48c6766b680753a33 Bump all dependencies to latest releases and clean up some code (#65)
 - mainly, bump Reactor (netty + core) to latest Europium release (with BOM) from
 Californium (sic)
 - bump all other dependencies to their latest versions (Spring-Core, Jackson,
   Thymeleaf, AssertJ, etc...)
 - clean up code a bit (unused imports, unnecessary throws in tests,
   commented tests, use of sysout instead of logger...)
 - Bump Gradle to 6.9, using Shadow plugin's last compatible version 6.1.0
   and newer dependency syntax
 - Add jsr305 dependency to avoid compilation warning
Simon Baslé <> Simon Baslé <[email protected]> 77465f16d3aba64c74fa21e5cb33cc428b339857 77465f16d3aba64c74fa21e5cb33cc428b339857 Polish footer links and listVersion title (#59)
This commit reorganizes the categories of links in the footer.
It displays "list of all core/netty versions" links which were
previously undiscoverable when navigating.
Simon Baslé <> Simon Baslé <[email protected]> 9c3bc940612986e30b2a695a0607fbc9c5ed8af1 9c3bc940612986e30b2a695a0607fbc9c5ed8af1 Delete legacy src/main/static/, doesn't seem to be used (#60)
This PR deletes `/src/main/static`, which doesn't seem to be used.
The images and content of the legacy documentation have previously
moved to `/src/resources/static/legacy`.

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