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Code commits

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Simon Baslé <> Simon Baslé <[email protected]> 5d68bff823584d72bcba7ffc6c094f2e71c70eab 5d68bff823584d72bcba7ffc6c094f2e71c70eab Released 2020.0.9
Simon Baslé <> Simon Baslé <[email protected]> 6452214543b81e3b05022595ddfa1942653aac57 6452214543b81e3b05022595ddfa1942653aac57 [polish] Apply spotless in CI only for pull_request events
Simon Baslé <> Simon Baslé <[email protected]> 16e6f96442883da127d4c77fc819a156766bf53b 16e6f96442883da127d4c77fc819a156766bf53b [build] Add Spotless plugin to enforce license headers (#68)
This commit introduces Spotless plugin and configures it to allow
checking and enforcing copyright notice headers via a template, for
java files only.

The license check is added to the ci workflow, ensuring only files
touched by a PR will get checked (in order to allow incremental updates
to the end of the year range).

The build can be parameterized to deactivate the ratchet feature ("only
changed files" vs "all files") or choose a difference base branch for

See reactor/reactor#701.
Simon Baslé <> Simon Baslé <[email protected]> 7e06050f671550c54ddab92116c4a3bb8914d7a3 7e06050f671550c54ddab92116c4a3bb8914d7a3 [chores] Copyright switch from Pivotal to VMware, polish headers (#68)
This commit changes the copyright header from Pivotal to VMware.

It ensures that all occurrences of "Pivotal" are turned into their
VMware equivalent (notably links to eg. security policy).

It also polishes the copyright notice headers using the newly introduced
Spotless plugin as well as some manual editing:

 - format the header (blank line, url)
 - recompute the start year of the copyright notice range from git
 history for java files
 - align end year of said ranges to 2021
 - ensure headers for misc files (html, js, css) is also updated and

 See reactor/reactor#682.

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