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Simon Baslé <> Simon Baslé <[email protected]> 4b799d310917462565a3a775b9f893952953ae4b 4b799d310917462565a3a775b9f893952953ae4b Add EOL badge markers, poolish CSS for versions (#56)
This commit adds EOL markers to Aluminium and Bismuth.

This new CSS style is activated by putting versions of
the oldBoms pseuod-artifact into badVersions list.

This commit also reorganizes the CSS and docs template:

 - renamed hold class to partial
 - added maintenance and eol classes for boms
 - use "::before" to distinguish special boms (WIP, EOL, Pre)
 - change the color theme: orange if for "warnings", pre-releases are in
 purple now
 - removed gradient for pre-release boms, replaced with "Pre" ::before
 - End of life boms are taken from the badVersions list
 - removed useless conditional application of the pre class in template