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maciekwiso <maciekwiso@o2.pl> maciekwiso <maciekwiso@o2.pl> 71a05c622ed23b12b7682fb444d1d31b4d9a5ac7 71a05c622ed23b12b7682fb444d1d31b4d9a5ac7 Info on how to define listeners with annotations
Gary Russell Gary Russell 6c3cfe50e74c77a431e50400e47e381086ce1d1d 6c3cfe50e74c77a431e50400e47e381086ce1d1d Fix @Backoff JavaDocs - maxDelay
Previously stated that the max delay is ignored if less than delay when, in fact,
the default of 30 seconds is applied.

See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42857807/spring-retrytemplate-fires-too-early-if-no-maxdelay-is-set
Dave Syer <dsyer@pivotal.io> Dave Syer <dsyer@pivotal.io> f1121f17ecaffea772de991ab70a56e2d99e1542 f1121f17ecaffea772de991ab70a56e2d99e1542 Move log4j to test scope
Fixes gh-95
Tomas Poch <tomas.poch@hpe.com> Tomas Poch <tomas.poch@hpe.com> ea184cb1534dfd55e2c322ab534f1ba6a2d4e998 ea184cb1534dfd55e2c322ab534f1ba6a2d4e998 Retry annotation detected on implementing class
Fixes gh-88, closes gh-90
Gary Russell Gary Russell a22ebe7514b354eddb1a0ae048e838f8ea6d19fb a22ebe7514b354eddb1a0ae048e838f8ea6d19fb Fix @Recover for Prototype Scoped Beans
Previously, if a bean annotated with `@Retryable` and `@Recover` was
scoped "prototype", the `@Recover` method in the first instance was
called instead of the method in the same instance as the failed `@Retryable`

This was because the delegate cache in `AnnotationAwareRetryOperationsInterceptor`
was keyed only on the `Method` object.

Change the cache to cache at the `targetObject.method` level.

Also fixes `backoff` javadocs.

Fixes https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-retry/issues/93