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Arnaud Cogoluègnes Arnaud Cogoluègnes 386259dd174f7a5368c2dfd670441dc1ce4c9bd4 386259dd174f7a5368c2dfd670441dc1ce4c9bd4 Merge pull request #207 from rabbitmq/kubamarchwicki-okhttpclient-support
Add support for OkHttp in synchronous client
Arnaud Cogoluègnes Arnaud Cogoluègnes 89cdeac02f22b94ec7ec76dcbd47145318419938 m 89cdeac02f22b94ec7ec76dcbd47145318419938 Introduce ClientParameters for OkHttp support
This commit introduces ClientParameters to gather common parameters and
avoid adding new constructors for every new parameter. It also
introduces the RestTemplateConfigurator extension point to customize the
RestTemplate used in the Client. This allows among others choosing the
request factory used in the RestTemplate. The support for Apache
HTTP Components client has been refactored to fit into this design, same
thing for OkHttp.

The ClientSpec test has been refactored to use Spock "where" blocks to
test both Apache HTTP Components and OkHttp implementations.
Arnaud Cogoluègnes Arnaud Cogoluègnes f29c9f4a6aadec00871654164f14d21b0437e2ed m f29c9f4a6aadec00871654164f14d21b0437e2ed Fix typo in Javadoc
kubamarchwicki <> kubamarchwicki <> 566020ad1cc6bf2c431391c98e550f8bc29b4e15 m 566020ad1cc6bf2c431391c98e550f8bc29b4e15 Initial approach to adding OkHttp client support for HttpRequests