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Arnaud Cogoluègnes Arnaud Cogoluègnes c1890987ce611c339d271fd88b661e0b7f065687 c1890987ce611c339d271fd88b661e0b7f065687 Merge pull request #209 from kubamarchwicki/exclusive-httpclients-tests
Curated classpath integration test
kubamarchwicki <> kubamarchwicki <> b45a459f23f43cc894030cd964e9e4d823cb8523 m b45a459f23f43cc894030cd964e9e4d823cb8523 Merge branch 'master' into exclusive-httpclients-tests
Arnaud Cogoluègnes Arnaud Cogoluègnes 0106ca3ec24eddf81453ee2dc33617599c418115 m 0106ca3ec24eddf81453ee2dc33617599c418115 Fix typo in Javadoc
Arnaud Cogoluègnes Arnaud Cogoluègnes b7f8feba901a05c0ba27681a3ee79fabf57fad49 m b7f8feba901a05c0ba27681a3ee79fabf57fad49 Add link to Java libraries support page
Arnaud Cogoluègnes Arnaud Cogoluègnes db5a7f2415d4916a6763c23d56b274d24139426e m db5a7f2415d4916a6763c23d56b274d24139426e Introduce ClientParameters for OkHttp support
This commit introduces ClientParameters to gather common parameters and
avoid adding new constructors for every new parameter. It also
introduces the RestTemplateConfigurator extension point to customize the
RestTemplate used in the Client. This allows among others choosing the
request factory used in the RestTemplate. The support for Apache
HTTP Components client has been refactored to fit into this design, same
thing for OkHttp.

The ClientSpec test has been refactored to use Spock "where" blocks to
test both Apache HTTP Components and OkHttp implementations.